Decorate Your Own Valentine’s Cookie-in-a-Box Kit

Decorate a Valentine's Cookie-in-a-Box KitAfter my littles and I put together and delivered all our Valentine Candy-grams (from this post here) I thought how fun would it be to do a similar thing but with cookies! So we mixed up a batch of our favorite sugar cookies and went shopping for all sorts of fun cookie decorations so we could put together a fun “Decorate Your Own Cookie” kit for some more of our wonderful friends.
Decorate a Valentine's Cookie-in-a-Box KitThese kits were so much fun to create. With all the fun Valentine’s themed candies and decor out there the sky is the limit for how crazy you want to get!Heart Shaped Sugar Cookie StackOf course we had to make our most favorite sugar cookie recipe ever (found here) to go into each box. It is seriously sooooo good! Go and make them now! We cut them out into a multitude of heart-shapes, of course…anything else is just not as Valentines-y, right?

Valentine's Heart Shaped Sugar CookiesThen we packaged them up in cellophane bags and wrapped them tight with some red and white twine and tucked them into our boxes with some pre-made store bought packs of icing.
Decorate a Valentine's Cookie-in-a-Box KitWe placed an array of sprinkle options in teeny little plastic bags too. You can never have too many options, right?Heart Shaped Red HotsAnd for those with a bit spicier palate we even threw in some fun heart-shaped cinnamon red hots.
Red Hots in Little Glassine Envelopes Packaged with Washi Tape
Pink Packaged Sixlets for Valentines DayHow cute are these individual serving packets of red, white, and pink sixlets…not sure how well they will taste on a cookie but I am a total sucker for a themed presentation!Decorate a Valentine's Cookie-in-a-Box Kit

Decorate a Valentine's Cookie-in-a-Box Kit

Decorate a Valentine's Cookie-in-a-Box Kit

My littles just loved this idea, those sweet little helpers of mine have such a giving heart that we even made a kit for them…how could we not! Everyone loves to decorate and eat cookies! This was really such a fun way to enjoy my kids. We spent an afternoon at the store picking out candies and then we spent another afternoon together as they read out the ingredients to me as I mixed everything up for the cookies. And as a bonus we get to gift some of the lovely people in our lives who we really cherish as friends with something fun! Yay and Yay!

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