I Love You Because…Free Printable Notecards

I love you because printable notecards

With February literally right around the corner (ahem, Saturday folks!) I thought I would create a bunch of blank “love note” cards for my littles and Clif. My thought is that I will leave them out on the kitchen table each night so every morning leading up to Valentine’s Day they have a sweet note to read about themselves while eating their breakfast. That should start their day on the right note, heeey? (<—see what I did there!)

I love you because printable notecardsI created this printable PDF so they could be done up on blank business card sheets, this way there is no fussing with centering each notecard and  separating them is easy peasy…no paper cutter and measuring necessary. Of course you may need to make small alignments with your printer to get them printed just right but it seriously only took me two trys so hopefully it won’t take you much more than that!

Each card has the phrase, “I love you because…” in a pretty but readable script font (I wanted my newbie readers to still be able to read that scary cursive writing!) at the top so you can fill the blank area in with any sweet words you wish. I think these would also be so fun in the littles’ lunch boxes too and I’m sure that a few of those 14 days I will end up putting a few in there as well!

I love you because printable notecards

You can print off the image above if you’d like to create a note card with a different dimension. Or you can get the PDF I created to print these on blank business cards below:

I Love You Because Notecards

I used Avery #28828 White Clean Edge Business Cards. I just uploaded the PDF in the Design & Print Online section on their website (if you need more help you can see my posts about how to do this here and here) It is really easy!
I love you because printable notecardsThen just fill them out as you wish and if you’d like tuck them into a teeny envelope and seal with some washi tape!


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