Ice Cream Sundae in a Box Gift Idea

At our house Summer = Ice Cream. I mean, we really, really, really love our ice cream. There I said it. We actually make it a point every summer to do an Ice Cream Bucket List of sorts where we right down all the fun mom and pop ice cream shops we can think of and then try to hit one of them up every week all summer long. It’s so much fun and we all really look forward to doing it. And since we love ice cream so darn much I figure that a few of our friends must love it too. So we put together a few of these fun “Ice Cream Sundae In a Box” gifts as a sort of Welcome to Summer gift for them!

These gift boxes are super easy to make! If you’ve ever had an ice cream sundae you may already have an inkling of what to put inside, hehe. For us, we just put some of our favorite toppings and a few necessities to eat said ice cream!

Toppings of our choice included but are not limited too: gummy bears, mini m&ms, mini marshmallows, and colorful sprinkles.

I placed a nice sized amount into clear bags and used card stock to pretty up the tops!

I also made my very own homemade Hot Fudge Sauce and Caramel Sauce (you can find my Caramel Sauce recipe here!) and put them in little mason jars with tags just cause they are so stinkin’ cute!

We also added to the gift an array of sugar cones, cute paper bowls, wooden spoons, and a cute ice cream scoop (purchased at Jo-Ann…I seriously bought them out!) and tied everything off with some summer-y yellow baker’s twine.

Then you just package everything up nice and tidy in a box and send it on it’s way. So fun and such a great way to surprise someone and brighten their day!

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        • Penny says

          I have 15 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren in 5 states. What a wonderful idea, I could make these and ship them overnight with a small birthday cake. I just love this, thank you so much for the idea.

    1. says

      Oh, that’s a wonderful gift-idea!

      We love to make Ice-Cream-Parties in our Garden and all the sprinkles, choclatesprinkles, ice cones, m&ms, fruits… are on a table and everyone can make his own perfect icecream *jummie*
      That is so much fun!

      And since my daughter has so many things she can’t eat, we have our own ice machine- so great!
      There are so many great recipes to make!

      We love ice to :)

      Greatings from cold Germany (only 14°C and rain )

    2. Shandi says

      Hi Maggie,

      I just stumbled upon this project through pinterest and I absolutely love it!!! It’s such a sweet and thoughtful gift to make for others. I would really like to make this for some of my family and friends but I was wondering where you found the alphabet stampers that you used on the tags. Thanks in advance and I’m going to continue exploring your site for some more cute project ideas!!!

      • says

        Hi Shandi!
        Thank you!! I hope you make bunches of these to brighten up all your family and friends’ days! :-) I found the stamp set at my local Hobby Lobby! Have fun and happy gifting!


        • Shandi Thibodeaux says

          Thanks so much for letting me know Maggie!!! I will be making a trip to my local Hobby Lobby this afternoon to look for this stamp set!!! Again, thanks so much…I can’t wait to make lots of these for my family and friends!!! :)

    3. lisa says

      I have a question about the sauces. Do they have to be refrigerated? I would love to send these to family in other states but don’t want the sauce to spoil. Thank you

      • says

        If you are making your own, I would not send unless you can seal well with a mason jar. Mine were just given to in-town friends (same day) so they could go right into the fridge. You can just buy prepackage jars of sauces if you plan to send via mail, that would be much safer!

    4. says

      This is absolutely perfect! I am going to make this for my sisters family for christmas. They live in florida. Going to brighten their christmas away from home

    5. Katie says

      I just found this and fell in love! I have a 19 year old sister who goes away to college and lives with three other girls. I was thinking of doing this as a Christmas gift for her and her roommates. Do you think this would make a good Christmas gift?

      • says

        YES! I think she and her roommates would love it…I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream!!!
        Happy gifting!! You are so sweet to think of you sister :-)

    6. Danielle says

      I love this idea and want to do it for a Christmas present but I was wondering where you found those adorable tags
      Thanks so much!

      • says

        Hi Danielle!
        I bought those tags online, I can’t remember where…probably Uline? You can probably find them in smaller quantities on Etsy though! Happy gift-making!!

      • says

        Hi Keshia!
        I bought them at Joann’s. They usually have a really cute supply of them when their summer stock comes out..which should be pretty soon!!!

    7. Esther says

      I LOVE this idea! I am a college student and I am sending this to a friend for her birthday. She is staying at school for the summer, so I am going to send this to her and also include a walmart giftcard to buy the ice cream. What size bowls did you use? 4oz?

    8. Serena says

      Such a wonderful idea! I’m going to try this! If you don’t mind me asking where did you get those little clear bags?

    9. Madi says

      i love this idea! If I was shopping this across a couple states, do you believe the m and m’s would melt if I put them in plastic bags?

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