No-Bake Energy Bites {Recipe}

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Please don’t kill me but today I’m sharing one of our favorite snacky-time recipes…No-Bake Energy Bites.  It’s an oldie but a goodie here at our house.  These little balls are freakin’ awesome and just like a certain potato chip, you cannot eat just one.  I swear, I’ve tried and it’s not happening.

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

But for what it’s worth, these can actually be called a healthy snack…YAY!  So go ahead and eat another one (or two) I won’t tell.  The ingredient list is short and pretty good for you especially if you plan on using quality ingredients.  You can even substitute out the chocolate chips for something healthier but hey, isn’t chocolate good for you in moderation?  Yup, I’m pretty sure it is…score!  So go ahead and make some of these and then share the love…shouldn’t everyone be so lucky as to know about such a darn good and healthy little treat!
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No-Bake Energy Bites
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 18-20 bites
  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • ½ cup peanut butter (or other nut butter)
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • 1 cup coconut flakes
  • ½ cup ground flaxseed
  • ½ cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  1. cup oatmeal
  2. /2 cup peanut butter (or other nut butter)
  3. /3 cup honey
  4. cup coconut flakes
  5. /2 cup ground flaxseed
  6. /2 cup mini chocolate chips
  7. tsp vanilla
  8. Mix everything above in a medium bowl until thoroughly incorporated.
  9. Let chill in the refrigerator for half an hour.
  10. Once chilled, roll into balls and enjoy!
  11. Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to 1 week.
  12. **You can substitute almost anything for any of the ingredients to work around food allergies, special diets, etc. Soybutter, almond butter, cashew butter, sun butter, etc all works in place of peanut butter. You can use creamed or liquid honey, or agave nectar or even maltitol syrup in place of the honey. If you do not like or cannot eat coconut try some type of crushed cereal, wheat germ, whole wheat flour, granola, cocoa powder...the possibilities are really endless. If you cannot find ground flaxseed you can buy it whole and grind it yourself in a coffee grinder or magic bullet or you can substitute any other dry ingredient in it's place. Yes, the mini chocolate chips can be regular sized or carob or you can use raisins, cranberries, goji berries, or crushed nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, whatev) of some kind.
**PS.  Many of you have been asking about a calorie count on these…if you scroll through the comments section you can read various calorie counts from many of my awesome readers based off of different add-ins and size of the bites :-)
**PPS.  Many of you have commented about substitutions and YES!  you can substitute almost anything for any of the ingredients to work around food allergies, special diets, etc.  Soybutter, almond butter, cashew butter, sun butter, etc all works in place of peanut butter.  You can use creamed or liquid honey, or agave nectar or even maltitol syrup in place of the honey.  If you do not like or cannot eat coconut try some type of crushed cereal, wheat germ, whole wheat flour, granola, cocoa powder…the possibilities are really endless.  If you cannot find ground flaxseed you can buy it whole and grind it yourself in a coffee grinder or magic bullet or you can substitute any other dry ingredient in it’s place.  Yes, the mini chocolate chips can be regular sized or carob or you can use raisins, cranberries, goji berries, or crushed nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, whatev) of some kind.
I know writing out all these substitution possibilities seems silly but you will not believe the amount of comments and emails I get every day about “Can I use this instead of this? or “I don’t like this ingredient, what can I use instead?” etc.  Just remember, if you make any substitutions you may have to play with the quantities of dry to wet a bit to ensure you have a mixture that can be rolled into balls (if you want to eat them in a ball-shape, you don’t have to do that either!)  It’s a really great recipe to play with so please don’t worry about adding in a different ingredient if you cannot eat a particular one due to allergies, etc.  My motto is always, ‘Just try it, you might like it‘ when it comes to making these.  We change it up depending on what is in our pantry and you can too!  Oh!  And you can also make these vegan and paleo-friendly, it’s just a matter of buying the right ingredients, we do it all the time!  ENJOY!

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Alright, let’s start with that gooey peanut butter, honey and some oatmeal and pour them into your mixing bowl.

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Then add in a cup of coconut flakes, sweetened or unsweetened…your call.

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Then you can add in your mix-ins.  I like to keep these somewhat healthy so I add mini-vegan chocolate chips and ground flaxseed.  But you could also add in some chopped nuts, dates, raisins and even switch out the flaxseed to wheat bran or something similar or even cocoa powder.  I love this recipe because it is pretty customizable to what you have in your pantry.

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Then add in a teaspoon (or two) of vanilla!

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Mix it all up and let it chill in your refrigerator for about a half hour.

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Then roll into balls and enjoy your little bites of heaven…or energy…depending on what you put in them!

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Ugh, these are so addictive…do I dare call them energy crack cause they are really that good. These last about 2 hours at our house, I even catch Noah and Penny sneaking into our fridge to grab them when I am supposedly not looking.  Don’t they know I have eyes in the back of my head?  😉  Good thing they are easy to make, another batch is never too far away.

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites

Simple, delicious, and healthy recipe for No Bake Energy Bites


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    1. Siobhan says

      Is there any substitute for peanut butter? We might have a peanut allergy (or two) in the house so not ready to reintroduce just yet. Would those yummy little snack balls fall apart without it?

    2. says

      Hi Siobhan! I love your name by the way! Yes, you can use sunbutter (like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds) soy butter, cashew butter, almond butter, etc! Or you could up the honey a bit too but the taste would definitely be altered as honey has a distinct flavor. Have fun and enjoy!

    3. says


      These look sooo Yummy! Can’t wait to make them..and NOT bake them.

      Hey it rhymes! (pat on my back hee hee)

      I have a wonderful energy bar recipe but it’s too HOT to bake this time of year. Your post is so TIMELY.

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    4. says

      I make a similar one and I can attest they are fantastic– same ingredients just different portions and I use raisins. Then I keep them in the freezer. I have to limit them though because I could eat them all day!

    5. says

      I just made these are they are delicious! I replaced the flaxseed with cheerios that I put through my food processor and toasted the coconut. I can’t wait for afternoon snack time to roll around! Thanks for sharing this recipe :)

      • Anonymous says

        Great idea on the substitution for the flaxseed, wasn’t sure what might be a good one. What’s the measurement for Cheerios?

    6. says

      I’ve “made” these before. I say “made” because mine wouldn’t form into balls (I even tried adding more dry, then more wet to get the dough to form balls, and it wouldn’t). So I just plopped the mix into a casserole and ate from the casserole! Still, I wish mine would’ve formed into balls :(

      • Robin says

        I just tried them and I couldn’t get them to form either. I added 3 TBS apple sauce and they formed but now they taste funky. Glad I’m not the only one. :)

    7. Anonymous says

      Any suggestions for a coconut substitute? Or just leave it out? Otherwise, these look delicious! (I know, I’m picky!) :)

    8. says

      You will need some type of binder to replace it with…wheat germ, chopped dates, chopped raisins…even, like Ashley tried above, crushed cheerios. Just up the dry binder ingredients with something else and that should do it!

    9. Jessi says

      Yaaee!! So excited…on my to do list tomorrow…will be fun project for the kids too! Thanks – we love all your recipes!

    10. says

      Hi Amanda! I use old-fashioned or steel cut cause it’s just what we buy and have on hand. You could easily use instant though cause you aren’t cooking these and the oatmeal is just a binder, it shouldn’t make a difference in the outcome! Enjoy!

    11. says

      Do you mind if I copy your recipe and post in my recipe menu with credit and link to you? I’m all about healthy snacks for children and I have a lot of home-school parents. Love you site by the way and I may add your button to my site. I hope to have my own button soon.

    12. Sarah says

      These are seriously DELICIOUS! They were a hit in my house… I also posted your blog on my facebook so everyone could try them!! =) Thanks!

    13. Sarah says

      Also, I did 60% cocao dark choc chips, which are big, but I chopped them up a little and they were so good!! (I think its better for you too, which is a plus!)

    14. says

      THANKS for this terrific recipe! I just made these to pack in my son’s school lunch and tho he has no allergies, I made them with sunflower butter since he has a classmate allergic to peanuts. I added chopped dried apricots and they are SO delish! I’ve pinned and Facebooked this recipe because I’m so excited to share it with others!!!! :) Thanks again. Great stuff.

    15. says

      I was just going to ask about a honey substitute. I’m not a big fan of the taste of honey… can you taste it a lot?? I’ll try the agave nectar (can you just buy that in a grocery store?) Thanks! Can’t wait to make them.

    16. says

      Like someone else, I made these for the 2nd time this week!! They go WAY too fast (though mostly me, I’ll admit)… they are sooooooo yummy! thanks for sharing!

    17. says

      Hi Marcy! You really don’t taste the honey that much, I don’t love the taste of straight up honey much either and I love these! I’m glad everyone is enjoying this recipe…Mmm!

    18. says

      Hi Jan! Make sure you chill the ‘dough’ and if they are still to sticky to roll you need to add a bit more oatmeal, coconut or other dry ingredient…add a Tbsp at a time until they roll nicely!

    19. Amy says

      I just made these! I have a slight variation to these that I make though, and I call them gooey balls. I add 1 cup raisins and 1/2 cup tiny marshmallows to mine. I used white chocolate chips as well. I sure hope these last til my kids get home from sachool!

    20. Anonymous says

      My Crew carpool of Rowers love these. I add 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of Chia, since the teams nutritionist pushes it because the aztex warriors survived on a handfull per day.

    21. Kim says

      These were really, really delicious! My fiancee has already started sneaking them from the fridge, and was surprised to find out there was nothing bad in them! I added some dark chocolate peanut butter (found at Target-buy some as soon as you can and then eat it straight from the jar!), and walnuts with some cranberries to the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    22. says

      Yum… these are fantastic! I made them today after seeing the link on the $5 Dinners blog. I used unsweetened coconut and raw, unsweetened almond butter and they were still plenty sweet. Perfect for a quick snack and to cure a sweet tooth. Thanks for the recipe!

    23. says

      YUM!! Found these via Pinterest. I made them yesterday with wheat bran instead of flaxseed meal and bittersweet chocolate chips chopped up. My 2-year-old and I can’t get enough of them! I packed them in my hubby’s lunch today and expect rave reviews.

    24. Anonymous says

      I also saw this recipe on $5 dinners. Made them tonight. Curious to see how long they’ll last. Yummo!!!
      Question. . . any replacements for the flax seed? I didn’t have any so I just skipped it and they turned out fine but I would think that really adds a nutritional punch.

    25. Anonymous says

      made them this morning. they are really good. didn’t have mini chips so we just used normal ones. Also didn’t have coconut or flax seed so we just used crushed cheerios.

    26. says

      YAY thank you so much for this I have a lil celiac in my fam and I am always lookin’ for a gluten free recipe for her and these are both easy and look delicious!

    27. says

      OMGoodness!!! I can’t wait to make these today..I will be making a special trip to the store to grab a few other ingredients…..Thanks for sharing this recipe…Having four kids in the house, all under 6, I needed some good after school snacks…:):):)

    28. says

      Does the coconut serve any purpose? It all sounds amazing and delicious except that I hate coconut. I am hoping any mix in that you mentioned would be a suitable replacement.

    29. says

      Does anyone have an idea of how the nutrition information breaks down for these? I realize that it will be different depending on the ingredients, but I would be happy with even a ballpark…

    30. says

      Hi Grace! Coconut is nutritious plus it adds as a dry filler. You can always substitute it for equal amounts of another dry ingredient…crushed cheerios, wheat bran, etc! Have fun!

    31. says

      My husband is a school teacher and is always hungry or a hearty snack when he gets home from school. After all, lunch is at 10:30 AM! These have been a favorite of his already. Thanks!

    32. says

      I love that I already had all of these ingredients on hand. And they are DELICIOUS! I couldn’t stop eating the mixture as I was making them! I don’t have kids but I am always looking for small, healthy snacks for my husband’s and my lunch box. Thanks for sharing!

      • says

        I’d add coconut oil. Or you could increase your peanut butter or honey. We increase those and then add cocoa powder to make them chocolate.

    33. Anonymous says

      Can anyone tell me if these need to remain in the fridge? Hubby and are going on a road trip and if they didn’t need to remain cold they seem like the perfect snack to bring with us!

      • Anonymous says

        My husband and I took them hiking and they got a little warm but they were great, even a little warm.

    34. says

      thank you thank you thank you for posting this recipe — i used one similar a few years ago (found it in Hanaford’s magazine) and i misplaced it. i squealed out loud when i saw this. lol. i’m off to make some now!!

    35. April says

      I’m making these for the second time today!! They are SO good, we loved them!! I used wheat germ and I plan to do that again this time. Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

    36. Anonymous says

      Just made a batch and have to say, they are wonderful! I used unsweetened coconut and dark chocolate chips. I have a feeling I will be making more very soon. Thanks!!

    37. says

      A few things:
      1. When you use different brands of peanut butter it turns out different (might be a no brainer for some, but was kinda a cool experiement)
      2. WET your hands when making into balls and you will avoid any sticky mess… no nead to refrigerate if you just run your hands through water every few balls.
      3. I think they actually taste better after being in the refigerator a few days :)

    38. says

      These are pretty good! I replaced the flax for vegetable protein powder to make them a protein snack. I also left out the chocolate chips. Very good! The kids liked them as well. Thanks!

    39. says

      Hi Anonymous!
      I always use vanilla extract when I see vanilla in a recipe…although I’m sure you could use the flavoring if that is what you have on hand!

    40. says

      I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this recipe! When I met my husband I was vegetarian and he a fried meat and bananas kind of guy from the Peruvian jungle. I still struggle getting him to like the healthier foods that I eat. And when I made these… he LOVED them! I could even tell that he wasn’t trying to pretend to like them, when I found him scouring the fridge for the last ones! Thanks! I also tried a mix of white chocolate, mixed nuts, and dried blueberries. (blueberries are not common in the area i live in of Peru, so that was a special treat!).

    41. says

      Hey there! We used some substitutes with our batch. We used half almond butter and half Nutella. We also swapped out the honey with agave. Since the agave is so sweet we used about half of what your recipe called for. The mixture was rather dry but oh so yummy! We will make this one again and again.

      Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

    42. Anonymous says

      Do you have nutrition info for these…carbs, fat, fiber and protein in particular…I’m wondering how many weight watchers points they would be.

    43. says

      Hi Anonymous! Unfortunately I don’t have a calorie etc count for these. I am not sure where to even start with that…plus it would probably depend on how big you made each ball! Good Luck!

      • says

        I just went to myfitnesspal and entered the calories for all the separate ingredients. If you divide the total by 20, it comes to 137 calories each (I assumed light peanut butter, semi sweet choc chips, sweetened coconut).

    44. Melanie says

      My family LOVES these, even if they don’t like the ingredients separately. My husband doesn’t like coconuts and my son doesn’t like peanut butter, but they both LOVE these. I’ve added sunflower seeds and that was a great addition. I think you could easily put less chocolate chips and not miss them.

      A few people asked about nutrition. I used the site and input all of the ingredients in the recipe as given. I made 22 “bites” but some of them were getting big at the end, plus I ate the equivalent of at least one while I was making them… :) So we’ll say it makes 24. It would be 110 calories, 13 carbs, 6 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein.

    45. says

      I am so glad I found this recipe (from Pinterest). I couldn’t get enough of these! I added some butterscotch chips to mine, and might try them with some M&M’s in the future too. Thanks for sharing!

    46. says

      I found this recipe on another blog about a month ago and have made them several times since then. My whole family likes them: husband, teen and toddler. I usually make a triple batch, cut the honey to 2/3 cup, cut the coconut and chocolate chip amounts in half and add a cup of chopped pecans. I spread it in a large cookie bar pan and it makes about 60 squares. My teen likes them better as bars so I am happy to oblige. I usually keep them in the freezer and just grab them out as needed. So good. Thanks for a great recipe.

    47. Anonymous says

      I just made them!! They are DELICIOUS and now going to be a part of my everyday diet! Can’t wait to share the recipe with everyone! THANKS!!

    48. Anonymous says

      Found your blog via Pinterest and I’ll be back to visit often. Looks like a great recipe, can’t wait to try it out this weekend!

    49. says

      Saw these on Pinterest and want to try them asap! Where can I find ground flax seed? I have only seen regular flax seeds at a grocery store. Sorry I am not much of a cook and have a lot of questions! Also, golden or regular flax seed? I do have substitutes in my pantry I could use but I would like to sneak something healthy into these :) Thanks!

      • Anonymous says

        Ground Flax seed and other subs people have suggest can be found at healthy food stores… usually available in bulk so you don’t have to waste money if you don’t use it in anything else.

    50. says

      1. I have almond meal on hand already from another healthy snack recipe. Could I sub it out for the ground flax? I would think it would work.

      2. To determine nutritional info, all you have to do it this: add the calories from each ingredient by adding up how many servings of a particular ingredient. i.e. A typical serving of peanut butter is 2 Tbsp and about 160 calories; this recipe calls for a half cup. So, that serving of PB would be 640 calories. Do this for each ingredient. Add up all of the calories for each ingredient and get a grand total of the caloric content of ALL ingredients COMBINED. THEN, divide that total by the number of balls/bites you’ve made. If you have a grand total of 2,560 calories for all of the ingredients and you made 17 balls with the recipe, you can say that each ball is around 150 calories, roughly. It’s not an exact science, but I’ve found that it works out well for me when I journal and track my caloric intake. : )

    51. says

      sweet mother of mary…..these are SO good. thank you for the recipe!!!

      “Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to 1 week.” makes me laugh! i’m lucky if they last a whole day! (and it’s me who’s eating them….with a spoon….no need to make balls!). :)

      found you on pinterest, by the way. :)

    52. says

      These are so delicious! Has anyone tried using Nutella instead of peanut butter? I think the next time I’ll make these, I’ll replace the choco chips and pb with 1/2 cup of Nutella. :) I don’t think there is any way to ruin this recipe.

    53. says

      I’ve loved this recipe since I discovered it a few months ago on Pinterest. They’re so good, I make them all the time.. but I was getting so tired of rolling them into balls. I had the idea of using a mini muffin tin to form them. So much easier!!

      I also calculated out the calories (though my recipe uses rice chex to substitute for the coconut). Feel free to check it out here if you’re interested –

    54. says

      I made these are just changed the recipe slightly. Here’s what I did:

      1 cup oatmeal = I used 1 cup rolled oats
      1/2 cup peanut butter = Lite peanut butter
      1/3 cup honey = 1/4 cup honey
      1 cup coconut flakes = same
      1/2 cup ground flaxseed = same
      1/2 cup mini chocolate chips = took these out
      1 tsp vanilla = vanilla essence
      + Added 1/3 cup goji berries.

      For all of these ingredients it came to 470g and approx 2200 calories. I measured out 10g balls (quite small, about 25mm or 1 inch in diametre) which made 47 of them. 2200 divided by 47 = approx 47 cals (197 kilojoules) per ball.

      Therefore I think they’re a tasty treat and quite healthy, but quite heavy in calories. As a balanced snack (or if you’re watching your diet) I would recommend 3-4 small balls. If you only divided the recipe into about 20-25 balls I wouldn’t have any more than 2 a day (approx 200 cals).

      Hope this helps!

    55. Anonymous says

      Some were wondering how many calories these have. I input the recipe on My Fitness Pal and it came to 176 per bite. My batch was the exact recipe and made 16 bites.

    56. says

      made this, ate it ALL myself. didn’t even make it to ball form, i was too impatient!!! i just put it in my fridge and ate it from there! making second batch today, i’ll blame you when i gain 20 lbs! :)

    57. Anonymous says

      This is a great recipe and is so versatile. Tried it tonight with Almond butter- swapped out the flax and choc for wheat germ, raisins & pumpkin pie spice. Also added a scoop of Pea protein powder. Hard to believe but they were equally as good. Thanks for sharing.

    58. Anonymous says

      These are def going to be made today! After reading all the comments, I am now confused about the oatmeal. Do I actually prepare the oatmeal? Since I saw it dry in the picture I had that on my mind. Thanks for setting me straight!

    59. Emily says

      Found this on pinterest, so glad I did! Just made my first batch, only substituted the flaxseed for wheat germ, they turned out amazing! My son is allergic to peanuts so the poor thing can’t enjoy one yet, maybe next time I will make them with almond butter!

    60. says

      Just made my first batch and am getting to try one out! I figured the following counts based off the exact recipe posted. I made 15 bites. Each bite came to…
      Cal= 182
      Fat= 22
      Carbs= 20
      Fiber= 3
      Sugars= 13
      Protein= 4

      I like the idea for next time of nuts in place of the choco. chips and unsweetened coconut versus the sweetened I used. And maybe a protein powder.

    61. Anonymous says

      I just made these. For those wondering about ground flax seed…it is best to store flax whole, as the nutrition is held in better that way. I bought a small coffee grinder that I use for grinding flax (and other small seeds) and that works really well. Just a tip for those that would like to use more flax in their diets. Flax is also a great substitute for egg in a lot of recipes for those allergic to eggs. =)

    62. says

      Found you via Pinterest. I made these for the first time 3 hours ago and I made them for the second time already! They are so yummy! My kids LOVE them! Thank you!!

    63. says

      I love these so much! I’ve already made 2 double batches this week and brought them into work – they’ve been a huge hit, even among people who don’t like “healthy” food! I customized the recipe a bit and would love to write about it and link to your site on my new food blog, Let me know! :)

    64. says

      Yeah, I just made these and NOW I know why you say you can’t have just 1. ): They are sooo yummy! I’m thinking this would be a good post-workout snack. I just need to keep them in the freezer or the back of the fridge so I don’t have easy access to them. Thanks for posting this!

    65. says

      Just made these and they are quite tasty! The honey taste was a little strong for my taste, though. Do you think they would be okay if I decreased the amount of honey in them, or would they fall apart completely?

      Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    66. Anonymous says

      Finally something i can munch on heading to my morning run other than almonds or blueberrys!!!! excited!!! thank you and Pinterest so much now going to check out the rest of ur blog!

    67. Anonymous says

      yummy… i did not have the flax seed but they still turned out great! They will be a staple in my house moving forward!

    68. Anonymous says

      Well, I couldn’t find ground flax seed so I used “whole” flax seed – added an extra crunchy texture that was better than I thought it would be. Then – I thought I did, but ended up NOT having coconut – bummer. I added some chopped peanuts and almonds and these things are soooo good! I can’t stop eating them and can hardly wait to add the coconut next time!

    69. Anonymous says

      I had the same problem the person above me did with flax seed. I could only find whole flax seed in the store. I left out the chocolate chips to save calories and added protein powder to up the protein content. I was a little nervous about how they would turn out but oh my gosh incredible!! A little difficult to put into balls and hold the shape but I guess I will just have to try it again. :)

    70. says

      found these on pinterest and made them the same day! I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder as well. They are so good and my 3 year old loves them too :)

    71. says

      These look FANTASTIC! But I have to ask if you have any nutritional information on them? I do Weight watchers and I would like to see how many points plus they are? Thanks so much!

    72. Cristina says

      These are awesome! Just made them, but substituted almond butter for the peanut butter. The only issue was that we had sooo many chocolate chips that would not mix into the rest of the ingredients. Was it the almond butter? Did anyone else have this problem?

    73. says

      FYI: They work out to 3 (well, 3.35) weight watcher points (points plus) per ball, if you make the batch into 20 balls, and providing you stick with the original recipe, use regular peanut butter, and unsweetened coconut. Of course, that may also vary depending on what brands you use. But a good estimate would be 3 points.

      …If you eat the whole batch (heh heh) its 67 points.

    74. Anonymous says

      Finally got to make these! Sooooo yummy! My two year old is napping. She might not even get to try them…

    75. Anonymous says

      Made these tonight! Didn’t have the ground flax seed so I used whole and I added Dark chocolate! waiting to roll them now! They taste very good! Hope the hubby likes them! Thanks for posting

    76. Anonymous says

      Reading all of the comments and it seems like everyone loves them! Going to the store and then I am going to make them!! :)

    77. Anonymous says

      I made these, and they weren’t as hard as I’d expected (when chilled there was know change of texture). I know I could add more of a dry ingredient, but I am verrrry lazy (-:. But what I did think of was making cookies out of these, so about how much flour and I eggs should I had you think? Thanks (-:

    78. says

      I’m 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and super tired all the time. I just mixed everything together and they a chilling in the fridge. I can’t wait to try these. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Mechelle

    79. says

      Found you on pinterest and made these today. They are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing such a great recipe. I also used whole flax seeds and I think it adds a great crunch. My husband is already asking me to make another batch to take to his coworkers.

    80. Anonymous says

      YUMMY!!! I also found these on pinterest and am shocked how much I like them!! I get so tired in the middle of the afternoon but don’t want to ruin my diet by grabbing a candy bar. I had all the ingredients in the house already and just whipped them up…EASY!!!

    81. Anonymous says

      Trader joes cookie butter instead of pb…tastes just like an oatmeal cookie :). Thank you for the GREAT recipe!

    82. says

      I made these this morning, but I wasn’t able to get the mixture to roll very well after it had chilled. It was too crumbly. I’m still enjoying eating it with a spoon — so tasty! — but do you have any suggestions of how to get it to be more cohesive? More honey or peanut butter, perhaps? (I, too, used whole flaxseed and enjoy the crunch.)

    83. says

      I LOVE these! BUT, my batch is way too dry to roll. Could it be because I used almond butter? I added extra agave nectar but it is still far too dry. Nonetheless, I’m eating it like there’s no tomorrow by spooning it straight from the bowl like it’s cookie dough. Delicious!

      • Anonymous says

        Just made these and they were too dry to roll for me also. I added about 1/3c more peanut butter, and that did the trick.

    84. Anonymous says

      Mine rolled into balls perfectly and I used whole flaxseed too. My husband loves them and we think they taste like healthy Reece’s peanut butter cups. I’m making a double batch right now!

    85. Anonymous says

      Thanks for the recipe! I made some this afternoon and they were delicious. Can I ask where you get your mini vegan chocolate chips? I get mine (regular-sized) at Trader Joe’s and would love to know where to find the minis to have on hand.

    86. says

      Made them but didn’t have the flax or the c.flakes but added pecan bits…..yummmm!!!!!!! Next batch I will sub out the coco chips for cinnamon chips and add raisins. Love this recipe!!!!!

    87. Anonymous says

      I saw you said you could sub the flax seed for cocoa powder… which you use the same about (1/2 cup) or less?

    88. says

      Great idea for my son to have something healthy in his lunch..(if they get past me…they are really good)…unsweetened coconut works great.

    89. Anonymous says

      Delicious! And with the addition of a couple tablespoons Brewer’s Yeast, makes an excellent lactogenic snack for all those breastfeeding moms out there.

    90. Anonymous says

      I made these tonight- but changed the recipe a bit. I used 3/4 C of oats and 1/4 C of wheat bran. I also cut the choc. chips down to 1/3 cup. The batch ended up making 20 balls! A perfect Weight Watchers treat at 2.7 points per ball (they were 4pts each before I made modifications)!

    91. says

      I made these yesterday, and they are great! I love them- my 3 year old calls them cookie dough balls (as I giggle deviously knowing how good they are for him!) Making these for my LLL friends this week :) Yum!

    92. Anonymous says

      just made these, cant stop eating them. left out chocolate chips and coconut and they taste great to me. thanks for posting them!

    93. Anonymous says

      Made these with nutella and without the chocolate chips, and everyone loved them, including myself! Will definitely make them in the future, possibly with peanut butter. I would have to say that they are very sticky, so using ziploc bags as gloves worked pretty well.

    94. Anonymous says


      Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size 26 g
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories from Fat
      % Daily Value*
      Total Fat
      Saturated Fat
      Total Carbohydrates
      Dietary Fiber
      Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 0%
      Calcium 2% • Iron 4%
      Nutrition Grade D+
      * Based on a 2000 calorie diet

      • Anonymous says

        I used Soybutter (can’t remember the brand but it’s peanut/nut free). Worked great and the kids (and me lol) loved them.

      • Anonymous says

        Almond butter is made from almonds instead of peanuts. If all nuts are a problem, obviously don’t use it, but the almond butter worked great for me!

    95. says

      Okay so I tried this today — substituted ground up Crispix cereal for the flaxseed (though will use flaxseed asap!) and didn’t actually bother making BALLS since we all dug in with spoons — but it was FANTASTIC!!!

      Will definitely be making this again (tomorrow…)

      THANK YOU!

      • Anonymous says

        I used ground up Crispix too…left over from a Christmas snack item. My 17 year old said “these have potential”…that means they’re edible! YAY!!!

    96. says

      I made some substitutions, but it turned out great. Not dry at all!
      The recipe I used is after the nutritional facts!
      Each ball has:
      Calories 74.2
      Total Fat 3.1 g
      Saturated Fat 2.0 g
      Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1 g
      Monounsaturated Fat 0.1 g
      Cholesterol 5.3 mg
      Sodium 25.9 mg
      Potassium 33.5 mg
      Total Carbohydrate 9.1 g
      Dietary Fiber 1.3 g
      Sugars 0.6 g
      Protein 4.3 g

      Makes 20 balls.

      1 cup quick whole grain oats
      8 TBS PB2 (mixed with 4TBS water to make peanut butter)
      5 TBS sugar free natures hollow honey
      1/2 cup unsweetened dry coconut flakes
      1 scoop each: Body fortress vanilla protein and Chocolate Peanut butter protein
      1/4 cup sugar free Hershey chocolate chips
      1 tsp vanilla

    97. says

      Just made these this morning. I double the recipe because I just knew I would like them:) I didn’t use flax-seed because I’m not fond of it:) but added toasted wheat germ. They were AWESOME!! Will definitely make them again!

    98. Anonymous says

      I forgot to bring my list to the store and got wheat germ instead of flaxseed. Do you think that will make it too mushy?

    99. Angela T. says

      Awesome! Nice alternative lot dry granola bars. I eliminated the flaxseed (didn’t have any) and used a small cookie scoop instead of rolling by hand for less mess.

    100. AnnaG says

      Awesome! My whole family loved these kiddos ages 1, 3 and 5. Perfect for after school snack! I did make them into smaller balls so it made closer to 25.

    101. Anonymous says

      These are SOOO delicious and were devoured by my kids, ages 5 and 19 months, and my husband loved them too. Since my toddler son would be eating them too, I used coconut nectar (syrup) instead of honey; and added 1/4 cup sesame seeds, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, and omitted the chocolate. (but only because we didn’t have any) :) Thank you sooo much for the yummy recipe!

    102. Anonymous says

      These are AWESOME!!! I made them with steel cut oatmeal and it worked fine. I didn’t have any trouble with them forming balls. I will definately make them again..making them worked my arm muscles! :)

    103. says

      This was GREAT! I subbed in chia seeds instead of flax, and next time I might use a little Nutella instead of chocolate chips (though the original combination is AMAZING)! Excellent recipe! Thanks for posting!

    104. says

      Tried this recipe a few different ways. Whole flax seed works, but I found that the seeds just get stuck in my teeth or throat :S, and what did “go down”, also “came out unchanged”, therefore negating their nutritional value. So if I was using flax I’d buy ground. But I’ve also completely omitted the ground flax seed and they turned out great! Didn’t need to substitute anything in, either; the consistency was unchanged. Thanks again for this recipe. :)

    105. Anonymous says

      Thank you so much for a great recipe! I modified it based off what we had in the house and to up the protein:

      1 cup Quaker Natural Granola cereal w/ raisins
      1/2 cup of PB2 mixed w/ mater
      1/3 cup honey
      1 cup coconut flakes (sweetened)
      2 scoops Body Fortress Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein
      1 scoop Shakeology Fiber Boost
      1 tsp vanilla

      Made 26 balls, each with:

      73 calories
      4g protein
      11g carbs
      2g fiber
      2g fat

    106. says

      I just made these, ground up my own flax seed in the food processor… I also chopped up 60% bitter sweet chocolate, and to top it all off, I used 2 tsp of MEXICAN vanilla. I use a small ice cream scoop instead of actually forming balls. Thanks for this recipe!!

    107. Stephanie says

      YUM! I was halfway through making these when I realized I didn’t have enough honey, used part honey and part apple juice and they were delicious!

    108. says

      Just made them today and they are delicious and I don’t have to feel guilty about eating them! Doubled the recipe and have plenty to share! thanks so much!

    109. says

      I just started eating healthy…no really…lol. I am a big guy on a lifelong journey to be healthy…completely. I came across this recipe, and can’t wait to try them out. Thanks for the post!

    110. says

      I immediately went to the pantry and pulled everything out to make these. The mix is delicious but mine wouldnt form balls. I didn’t have coconut or flax seed so I used crushed cheerioes for both.
      Any suggestions?

    111. Anonymous says

      This makes an awesome gluten free snack!!! I am gluten/dairy/sulfite/preservative free and am always looking for great new yummies! My son has nut/tree nut allergies so I am making them with Sunbutter, substituting the coconut with a gluten free crispy rice cereal. Will use the gluten and dairy free chocolate chips and chewy sulfite free dried cranberries as well. I know they are going to be a huge hit in our house! I am amazed at how my three teenagers are loving the new gluten free healthy cooking and baking I am introducing them to. We said goodbye to fast food and preservative filled junkfood a year a go, and they haven’t missed a thing! The boys have taken a huge growth spurt, their skin is clear and beautiful and they feel good and enerized. Our daughter has been a healthy vegetarian for 5 years now, so she is used to the healthy choices but is now loving the gluten free choices too. Not all gluten free products are created equal though! Some are filled with just as many preservatives as other foods, so read your labels carefully and make smart choices. It gets easier everyday! They tell me everyday how much they love my cooking. It makes my day!

    112. Anonymous says

      Trying to eat healthy while in college is hard, and trying to get enough healthy energy as an athlete is difficult, especially living in a dorm! I can’t wait to run to the store and then try these snacks out! I’m sure my roommates are going to love them as well!

    113. Anonymous says

      What an awesome alternative healthy snack! Love them! This is easy enough for kids to make and get involved in…..healthy eating!

    114. themayfieldzoo says

      I made these and loved them. I dont like coconut and added more flax (I dont suggest it as I ate too many and now have a belly ache). Mine turned out really moist though…almost the consistency of cookie dough….is that how they are supposed to be??

    115. Sheila says

      Seriously yummy easy genius! Doubled the recipe and used half flax seed and half protein powder. Also used about 3/4 peanut butter and 1/4 Nutella – need I say more! Great for pre-run food in the early a.m.

    116. says


      Side note: I didn’t have plain oats so I opened up a few little individual packets of Apples and Cinnamon. Really love the pop of extra flavor it gave! Might make with flavored oatmeal every time.

      Thanks for this recipe- I’m a teacher and shared these at our staff meeting today… they were gone in seconds! :)

    117. Anonymous says

      Just made these, they’re in the fridge…I used almond butter, so far they taste fantastic! And with the good nut butter, steel cut oats and flaxseed, the kids will never know all the good stuff they’re eating! lol It’s so much better for you than cookies loaded with flour, sugar and butter. Thank you for sharing an awesome recipe!!

    118. says

      These look very good, but they seem like they have a high sugar content. The honey worries more than the PB. We would also substitute with a soy butter, due to peanut allergies, but these seem like they would be so sweet. Do you have a nutritional analysis of this (meaning, carb content). I am pregnant, which makes me diabetic for several months, and I am looking at this trying to figure out if I could have one or not. But because of a high incidence of diabetes in my family, I try to keep a lot of sweets away from my boys. I don’t even give them a lot of fruit juices. We may try anyway. Or maybe I will wait till baby comes in two months, when I will no longer be diabetic, to try them.

    119. Anonymous says

      I omitted the coconut and added chopped walnuts. I chopped up some dark chocolate instead of using chocolate chips. They turned out great….and are even better after sitting in the refrigerator over night.

    120. Anonymous says

      i just made a half batch this afternoon (i didn’t trust myself to have a full batch around the house!!)
      i omitted the chocolate chips and the coconut and replaced with chocolate protein powder and some mashed up Kashi GoLean Crisp – Cinnamon Crumble. I used creamy natural peanut butter which I think is what led it to be somewhat dry, but still was able to form it into balls (and eat the crumbs from the bottom of the bowl!).
      i’ve been looking for a snack just like this for the mornings before my 6am workouts and this is PERFECT!!

      this recipe is awesome. THANK YOU!

    121. Anonymous says

      Tried these… taste is great. We have nut allergies so subbed w/ soy butter. Added sunflower seeds for crunch. The site of them sure needs help, everyone turned away and I agree they look like raw cookie balls, eeww. So rolled in some cocoa powder… it helped… some. Maybe some cinnamon too? Powdered sugar would defeat the healthy take on them. They liked them after getting over the view. Of course coated in chocolate would be yummy….:-). Like I said.

    122. says

      I made these this afternoon and you are right…I just can’t stop eating them. I only had 1/2 c. of coconut and had to use crunchy peanut butter cause I ran out of smooth, and I used ground hemp seeds instead of the flax. OMG!!!! I have to make another batch tomorrow. I used the liquid honey, but was wondering if I could use creamed honey instead??

    123. says

      I made these today and would like someone to come and remove the plate from me please. I ran out of smooth peanut butter so used crunchy, I only had 1/2c. unsweetened coconut and I used ground hemp seed instead of the flax. I did use the liquid honey, but was wondering if I could use creamed instead. Thanks for the recipe.

    124. Drew says

      I made a batch of these and brought them to my Master’s swim meet over the weekend. They were the PERFECT thing to have at the meet! They gave me the nutrients/protein that I needed to keep strong the whole meet, and were filling enough I didn’t get hungry, but weren’t so heavy that I was weighed down in the water. I froze them and ate them as they thawed throughout the meet. My fellow teammates loved them, too! Thanks for a GREAT energy snack recipe!!

    125. says

      These are amazing! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. My family loves these & I love that they are good for them. I don’t add the chocolate chips & the kids still beg for me to make more! They have become a snacking staple here =)

    126. says

      I make something very similar, but I use 5 grain oatmeal and use my vi-shake powder instead of flaxseed … This way it increases the protein and fiber with lower carbs.

    127. Cassie says

      I made these tonight using a hazelnut almond butter and my husband is going to flip! He loves anything hazelnut and these are just amazing! Healthy little balls of delicious!

    128. Anonymous says

      This is an awesome recipe! The only thing different that I did was omit the flax seed because the grocery store was out and I used sugar free chocolate chips! I will be making more soon! Thanks for sharing

    129. Anonymous says

      I’ve made these twice already and my husband AND two year old love them! I found that I needed to add a couple of extra tablespoons of peanut butter to the mix, otherwise the mixture was too dry to make the balls and would instead crumble. I used natural pb so not sure if that matters. Next time I’m going to try using almond butter. Thanks for the great recipe :)

    130. Anonymous says

      Not sure if my calculations are accurate, but I figured them to be 98 cals, 6.4g fat, 1.5 g fiber, 10 carbs, 2.5 protein each (that for with 30 balls.) Approx. 4 WW points each! These are yummy and have healthy fat in them, so I feel less guilty!

    131. Anonymous says

      Thanks for sharing this recipe! I’ve been looking at it for a little while…and FINALLY made it! It is DELICIOUS! I see this being a “staple” in my house!

      I see Karrie’s post…and must say…I think I need to try that Crispix sometime…I bet that’s pretty yummy too!

    132. Anonymous says

      We love them! Thanks:) had to add a bit more sunbutter to get them to stick together, but we did add some hemp protien so that may be why.

    133. Anonymous says

      AMAZING! I followed the recipe to a T and the consistency is great. The only thing I didn’t care for was the texture, popping feeling, of the flax seeds. I think next time I will use crunchy peanut butter and ground flax seed. Love them!!!

    134. Anonymous says

      Just made some. Took out the coconut and switched the flaxseed for a little cocoa powder. THESE ARE SO DELECTABLE! My new favorite! ♥

    135. Shirley says

      Was hankering for something sweet tonight, but still healthy. This came across my news feed on face book. I have everything to make these, except the chocolate chips. But I have raisins and nuts! So, I’m going to the kitchen right now and make some! Thanks.

    136. Shirley says

      PS from Shirley. I shared this with a friend on FB, and she commented “This sounds horrifying to me, but I will check it out.” I commented to her that “smashed peas and carrots” is the name of your blog, not the recipe. So funny, I thought the same thing when I clicked on it. haha

    137. says

      This was great. I substituted chopped almonds as well for the coconut and also Agave for the honey and they were great. Worst/best job is rolling them into balls, I think I ate about 4 of them while rolling them. :)

      We will use Almond Butter next time as all we had in the house was peanut butter this time.

    138. Debora Cadene says

      I have made these quite a few times in a short period and can’t seem to get enough of them. I cut the coconut down to half cup instead of a cup, and only because I didn’t have enough the first time. I think that might make a difference in you rolling. Also, have tried it with chunky and smooth p.Butter and both are good and also tried it with both creamed and liquid honey. both are good, but I prefer the liquid…When I used the creamed honey…I had to squish the balls tight, then gentle roll, but they held their shape and came out awsome. I used mini chocolate chips…but only about 2 – 3 tablespoons….

    139. AlesterG815 says

      I also substituted chopped raw almonds for half of the coconut (to reduce the saturated fat because I have a heart condition and coconut is one of the foods I need to eat very sparingly). The only problem I ran into is that they were too crumbly to form into balls. The consistency is more like soft granola chunks. I use natural peanut butter with no added oils or sugar, and I think I may need to add another 1/4 cup to get it to bind as well as the processed peanut butters do. Sure is yummy, though!

    140. says

      thanks so much! i made these (details at link below) and linked back to your blog for the helpful play by play. i posted notes on my blog, here are some:

      – using agave nectar, maple syrup, or brown rice syrup makes for easy vegan adaptation
      – using a no-stir natural nut butter makes them more cohesive
      – 365 (store brand @ whole foods) & enjoy life make vegan semi sweet or dark chocolate mini chips/chunks
      – dash of salt was a good addition since i used an unsalted nut butter

    141. says

      I made these today using an Almond, Cashew & Peanut Butter. I agree with a previous comment that different butters produce moister or drier snacks based on the oil content in the butter. Next time I’ll make more of the butter/honey/vanilla portion or try a different peanut butter.

      These are a quick and tasty snack. I love the versatility of these, and can see several possibilities for future batches!

    142. Dana says

      If I use All Natural Peanut butter and leave out the honey and use Stevia do think that would work? I used Peanut butter with honey already in it and it was just an all out mess.

    143. Anonymous says

      Made with almond flour they are 126 cal per bite if 20 bites per batch.

      Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size 29 g
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories 126Calories from Fat 70
      % Daily Value*
      Total Fat 7.8g12%
      Saturated Fat 1.1g5%
      Cholesterol 0mg0%
      Sodium 33mg1%
      Total Carbohydrates 11.0g4%
      Dietary Fiber 2.5g10%
      Sugars 5.4g
      Protein 4.1g
      Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 0%
      Calcium 2% • Iron 3%
      Nutrition Grade C
      * Based on a 2000 calorie diet

    144. says

      To cut down the time I make a double batch and then press it into a lined cake pan and when they are chilled, I just cut them into 1 inch squares. The daycare kids and my own love these. We just made another variation on these today.

    145. Anonymous says

      These are delicious! My kids and I made them, and they can’t stop eating the batter. And they’re thrilled I’m letting them! Great healthful snack!

    146. Anonymous says

      I just made these! Amazingly delicous! I’ll have to “be careful” of them!:-)I made the recipe EXACTLY as given & made it into 35 balls–thinking two for a “snack” would be good. I think mine are sized perfectly! Am trying to diet–so glad to read thru & get cal cts/points info–thanks to those who figured that out!

    147. says

      I made these today and LOVED them!!! I made the recipe exactly with the exception of the flax seed since I did not have any on hand. I subsituted with 2oz chia seeds which is less than 1/2 cup but it was completley fine. Since I am on Weight Watchers I figured up the points plus value and I was able to make 24 balls and they were 3 pts each! I know it’s hard not to have just one but I was thinking this would be a great snack with a banana or a piece of fruit and you would be totally satisfied:)

    148. Anonymous says

      They are amazing and turned out perfect! No need letting them sit for 30 mins. I used grounded up honey nut Cheerios in place of the flaxseed. Great recipe! Thanks!!! Sissy

    149. says

      I just made these and they are so yummy. I used Wheat Germ instead of the flex seed. So which ever way you make them you will love them. I used a 1/4 cup of the mini choc chips and 1/4 cups of the cranraisens. Well be making these alot.

    150. says

      So many comments, so I hope this hasn’t been asked already. I only use fresh peanut butter (plain peanuts ground in the grinder at whole foods). It’s much less oily/sticky/spreadable than conventional peanut butter, so I’m wondering if it will work in these. Has anyone used fresh peanut butter? And how would it turn out? Thanks and can’t wait to try these!

    151. Amy P says

      Mine also turned out super dry. The only thing I can think of is that I used all-peanut peanut butter (no oil/sugar/salt etc). Maybe the consistency of the peanut butter wasn’t wet/oily enough. I will try again though, because I love the idea!

    152. Alicia says

      These are delicious!! I didn’t have anything but multigrain saltines to use as a binder, so I ground them in my food processor. It is pretty good and gives it just the right amount of a salty bite. LOVE THESE!!!

    153. Anonymous says

      These are great! The only thing I did different (that I won’t do next time) is I used regular size chips (since it was all I had). While I LOVE dark choc. chips, I felt they were waaay to big..which is probably why you say MINI chips! :) Other than that, we love them! My four year is TRYING to run out of energy so he can eat another one. LOL! :) Thanks for the recipe! I also came across it on Pinterest, and it’s my first recipe to try off of there! 😀

    154. Anonymous says

      LOVED this and so did my kids! Substituted a banana for the honey and raisins instead of chocolate chips. WILL DEFINATELY make again! SOOOOO easy!

    155. says

      Hi do you have any tips for rolling them into balls? They seem to crumble and it takes me a long time to make them into balls. Maybe more peanut butter? P.S. my kids LOVE them!! :)

    156. says

      Thank you so much for this recipe!! My Brownie Girl Scout troop is working on their snack badge and needed to create an energy snack. Each girl had a great time measuring the ingredients and they LOVED them and asked for 2nd’s! I do have some picky eaters in my group so that says a lot! Many parents asked for the recipe so I’m sending them on to your blog. Thanks again!

    157. says

      My Brownie Girl Scout troop made these tonight and even with a few picky eaters they LOVED them and asked for more! We were working on our snack badge and needed an energy snack and I remembered this recipe from a short time ago and it was perfect. Many parents asked for the recipe so I’ve forwarded your blog to them. Thanks again for sharing!

    158. Anonymous says

      I made them and rolled mine in wheat germ. I didn’t add coconut though. they are def yummy!! thanks for the idea!

    159. Anonymous says

      saw this recipe today, my daughters put versions of them together tonight while i made dinner, and we ate them for dessert. yummy, and easy (especially when you have teenagers to make them for you! 😉 ) you really can play with the ingredients, too! some of us don’t like coconut, so we used crushed cheerios instead in one batch. that made it a bit dry, so we added mashed bananas! basically anything you can throw together that will form a nice ball. ours are a bit tacky to the touch, so i think it would be nice to roll them in crushed nuts, shredded coconut or cocoa powder maybe. next time!

    160. Anonymous says

      I wanted to make these for my husband who does endurance events. I used what I had on hand and I added a little salt because we all know how well salt and chocolate go together. I’m thinking of adding some crushed pretzels next time….Yum! Thanks for sharing.

    161. says

      We have been making these for over 20 years. We use 1 c. peanut butter and 1/2c. honey with 2 cups oatmeal. Years ago the kids would roll them in powered milk. Then I couldn’t afford to buy powered milk anymore and my younger kids started adding in chocolate chips and dried cranberries if we had those ingredients in the house. Enjoy!

    162. says

      I made these with my two oldest kids (6 and 3) yesterday, and we will definitely be making them again!! It was so easy, so my kids loved feeling like they were pretty much making them by themselves, and they were yummy! And, as an extra bonus, they were packed with fibre! Oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut, AND flaxseed??! Awesome! My oldest has cerebral palsy, so she needs as much help as possible in the digestive department, so these will definitely be a regular in my house :) Thanks!

    163. Anonymous says

      Just made these… amazeballs!!! SOOO yummy!!! Being from canada.. it’s like a heathy timbit!! My coworker is going to trick her daughter.. that LOVES timbits… and is a SUPER picky eater.. into eating these!!! I can’t imagine her not liking these!! SO GOOD

    164. Anonymous says

      The first time I made this is was kind of crumbly. Just made a second batch and put a bit less coconut and also added sunflower seeds and dried fruit bits that I found in bulk section. Yum Yum. I 6x this batch cause I cook for someone else and freeze them

    165. Anonymous says

      what could I sub for the coconut?? they have so much fat packed into them I’d rather use something else if possible

    166. says

      We love these! We cut way back on the honey, and still find them sweet enough. Great for little ones to “help” make snacks.

    167. Anonymous says

      I make something similar I choose to use protein powder for a “leaner” snack.

      1/2c chocolate whey isolate
      2c all natural no sugar added PB
      1/2c blue agave nectar (similar to honey, lower glycemic)
      1/2c dried cranberries
      1/2c pumpkin seeds
      2tbsp ground flax
      2tbsp hemp seed hearts
      1c old fashioned oats ( quick oats are refined…little nutrients left)
      1/4c chopped dates

      Great post/pre workout

    168. Jenn S says

      I am about to make these but I don’t understand why they MUST be refridgerated afterwards…. I use pretty much the same recipe to make granola bars and those do not need to be refridgerated…. hmmm

    169. Anonymous says

      I calculated weight watchers points online by building a recipe. Used 1/4 cup mini choc chips to save on points & added 1/3 cup craisins for more yum factor. making 15-20 balls somehow work out to 3 points each.

    170. says

      I love these! My kids wouldn’t touch them, until I changed the name to “cookie bites” instead of energy bites- now they beg to take them for snack at school! Thanks for the recipe!

    171. Anonymous says

      I found this a few months ago floating around on Pinterest, and my family is addicted. It’s such a great go-to snack. I thought I’d share that in my batch this morning, I used cocoa nibs instead of chocolate chips. I figured that even though the nibs are bitter by themselves, they might combine with the honey in the whole package and still add that nice chocolatey flavor, without the added sugar and soy lecithin that you get in chocolate chips. (I had been using soy-free chocolate chips, but even those have added sugar.) It worked beautifully, and added a nice crunch!

      Also, we haven’t bothered making these into balls since the first couple of times we made it. We just grab a spoon and dive in :-) Thanks for the recipe!

    172. says

      Awesome!!! I just made these today :) They are just as fantastic as you say they are. Just posted a link on my FB page too :) Thanks!

    173. says

      These were posted on a friends FB page the other day and linked to you. OMW I just made them with my littles and I know there won’t be any left by tomorrow. They are great. Thanks so much.

    174. says

      A friend just linked your recipe on FB the other day. I just made them with my girls. They are FAN-tasty-tastic. Thanks for the recipe.

    175. Mendy E. says

      Mine taste great, but they were very crumbly. Any suggestions on getting them to stick together better, please? Thanks!

    176. Dani says

      You’re killing me! These were supposed to be a healthy snack for my kids and I’ve already eaten half the bowl! Oh my goodness. So delish!

    177. Anonymous says

      I made some ,something like these, i used natural peanut butter that the oil is not on the top,its something new, then i mixed the peanut butter with whole grain oats,made them into balls and froze,melted a bag of dark choc.chips in microwave for 2 mins. took the cold peanut butter and oats balls out of freezer dipped in the melted dark choc. chips and put back on bread pan, put in fridge until good and cold, then put in container with lid. I use sometime the creamy natural peanut butter, and sometime the crunch natural peanut butter,not only are they good they are healthy!!

    178. Anonymous says

      I love these. I have made them multiple times with numerous variations. My boys (and husband) love them as do my friends at the gym.

    179. says

      I made these and substituted half the flax seed for brewers yeast. So you could call them Lactation Energy bites =)I wanted to make lactation cookies but I hate the cleanup of making cookies from scratch so I thought hey this would be a great healthy snack recipe to substitute it with.

    180. says

      Awesome !!!! I substituted 1/2 cup wheat germ and 1/2 cup home ground almond meal instead of the 1 cup coconut flakes. I was able to roll it into balls immediately and then I put it in the refrigerator to chill. I want to make this with Nutella and the new Biscoff butter that has recently come out next.


    181. says


      Awesome, I substituted 1/2 cup wheat germ and 1/2 cup ground almond for the coconut. It was gone within the day !!! frankly, I could have eaten everything in one sitting …. tried my best to strech it to a day … :)

      I want to convert this into a cookie using some whole wheat flour like u suggested. How can I do it ?

      Please help.

    182. says

      This recipe sounds delicious!! Have to try it..Thanks for the tip. BTW I really like your page..can’t wait to discover more great ideas :) Simone (

    183. Caroline Soto says

      I just substituted coconut oil for the coconut and almond butter for peanut butter and a little drizzle of agave nectar for the honey then rolled them in dark chocolate instead of putting in chips. They are amazing and still have that perfect hint of coconut! Make sure you melt the coconut oil a little bit first to make it easier to mix in!

    184. Anonymous says

      I just made these for the first time with one substitution. We used Rice Krispie cereal in place of the coconut and they turned out amazing! Definitely putting this recipe in the Keeper Box! Thank you.

    185. debbie s. says

      those sound yummy but (for me) id definitely reserve as a TREAT…. awfully high calorie/ high fat…. especially if you eat more than one….

    186. Anonymous says

      Ooooh! This looks like the delicious jaggery balls moms make in South India – they make a syrup with melted jaggery and then mix in roasted peanuts/sesame/ricekrispies/dried split peas. they are hard to make because they have to be molded when the jaggery is still warm. this looks just great.

    187. says

      I LOVE these, thanks for sharing. I can’t do the hard chocolate chips (teeth issues) My variation:
      1 C oatmeal
      1/3 C honey
      1/2 C PB
      1/4 C cocoa (the cooking kind- and healthier!)
      1 C raisins
      1/2 C flax (or a mix of ground seeds including flax)
      1 tsp Vanilla
      Still SO AWESOME- it’s our treat of choice for hikes and snacks!

    188. Jamie Lynn says

      I am genuinely surprised how awesome these turned out! Absolutley increadible and super easy!! Thank you so much!!

    189. Anonymous says

      These are AWESOME!!! I saw the recipe on Pinterest and decided I just had to make them!!! I can’t believe how good these are!!! I used Multi-grain oats and almond butter instead of peanut butter and they are fantastic!! I’m 19 and about to go off to college and these would be great for dorm food!

      Do you think these would be able to be frozen and then thawed? Also could you use steel-cut oats instead of the regular ones?

      Thanks so much for this amazing recipe!!!

    190. Anonymous says

      I like this idea. I’ve been making granola with these ingredients (except choco chips) as gifts for Christmas. I have repeat requests, but this is quicker and we get to use choco chips. Can’t wait to make.

    191. says

      Only problem with this is it should be at least doubled! I haven’t made them into balls yet but I have ate at least 4 spoonfuls!

    192. Anonymous says

      I just found these on Pinterest and made them last night. They are delish! I used caramel almond butter instead of peanut butter just because I had it on hand. I will definitely try the peanut butter next!! Thank you for a healthy, easy and delicious recipe!! :)

    193. Anonymous says

      Flaxseed is around $6-$7 where I am. Also, after the mixture has been in the fridge for 30 minutes, it’s difficult to roll them because of the lack of sticky ingredients. It might be the temp of my fridge. Not sure yet. But, to keep the consistency of the mixture so that they roll well after being in the fridge, I used 3/4 c. peanut butter and 2/3 c. honey instead of the original recommended recipe measurements for those ingredients.
      Thanks so much for posting this recipe. My husband & I love them and found that they’re great for powering up before AND after a run.


    194. Anonymous says

      My husband is ADDICTED to these bites!! Requests them constantly. On a side note, we are on a tight budget. I use all store brand products and they are still perfect and low cost! Thanks for sharing!

    195. Anonymous says

      I make these EVERY week – can’t get enough. My husband loves them, and my two-yeaer old loves them. We call them cookie balls :)

    196. Anonymous says

      Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m pregnant and hungry ALL THE TIME. I needed to find a snack that I could make quickly, and just grab and go whenever I’m feeling like I need a boost, but am not quite up to preparing anything. These are delicious, they remind me of oatmeal cookies! Unfortunately I was out of chocolate chips when I made these, I substituted with raisins, but next time I’m definitely using chocolate chips, oo and maybe some coarsely chopped pretzels for some saltiness!

    197. Anonymous says

      I tried to calculate calories:
      1 cup oatmeal = 300 calories
      1/2 cup peanut butter (skippy crunchy) 760 calores
      1/3 cup honey 320 calores
      1 cup coconut flakes 560 calores
      1/2 cup ground flaxseed 560 calories
      1/2 cup chocolate chips (I had vegan Enjoy life semi sweet chocolate minies)
      600 calores
      1 tsp. vanilla did not count
      for a total of 3100 calories and a serving size between 10 to 20 so a calories range from 172.22 calories to 155 calories estimated.

    198. Anonymous says

      I had everything except flaxseed… So I substituted with graham cracker crumbs, haha!!! Very unhealthy, but so delicious!

    199. Jamie says

      These are genius! Thanks so much for sharing…this is now a new family favorite! I’ve been looking for more ways to use flax seed that the kids will eat…so THANK YOU very much!

    200. Courtney says

      Made these last night using the ingredients posted…so delicious! Thanks! I will definitely make these again. Can’t wait to try out different combinations!

    201. Anonymous says

      WOW THESE ARE SO GOOD! I made these today following the recipe execpt for the sweetner I do 1/2 honey and 1/2 agave. I also used unsweetened coconut. They are SO yummy.. like crack or something. I am glad I did not use sweetened coconut, because they would be too much I think (unless you are going for a sort-of cookie). Thank you so much for the recipe!

    202. says

      I used whole flax seeds instead of ground flax. Just wondering if that makes a big difference. I also leave out the chocolate chips and coconut. I use cranberries and fiber one cereal (the really plain version cereal) which gives them a great crunch. I also use reduced fat peanut butter. They are good, but I worry they are too fattening.

    203. says

      Used cranberries instead of chocolate chips. Used fiber One cereal (the really plain version) which added a good crunch and more fiber. No coconut for me. I like these, but they are really fattening.

    204. says

      After finding this via pinterest a few months ago these have been a regular snack at my house! They are also my go-to “dessert” when making meals for new parents after they bring the baby home. Before our last car trip I made up a double batch but didn’t quite have enough homemade peanut butter. Rather than make up some more I used what I had and the energy balls ended up a bit crumbly and really didn’t hold their shape well. What we discovered, though, was that the crumbly, almost-balls sprinkled over plain greek yogurt is AMAZING for breakfast! Thanks for the great recipe, my family loves this snack in every variation imaginable!

    205. Anonymous says

      LOVE THESE! I make this recipe like twice a week now hahaha.

      I have tried with almond butter but it wasn’t as good. Today I might try doing a bit with coconut butter (not the whole serving).
      I use argave instead of honey and my toddler LOVES these. I make tiny little balls and she eats them faster than I do. :)

    206. says

      I made them yesterday and took to work today. OMG they are delicious!! I double the recipe so I have a nice litlle stack in my freezer now :)

    207. Madison says

      Instead of chocolate chips, I used vegan carob chips and let me tell you, it’s 10x better! For the PB, I used half crunchy and half creamy, which made it perfectly moist. I also added in sunflower seeds in addition. Perfect for that 2 o’ clock energy crash and dying hunger! Thank you SO much for this recipe, I’ll be using it again soon!

    208. Anonymous says

      I found your recipe while I was looking for something else and I’m so excited because these sound exactly like Energy Balls that used to be sold at a little shop called Wicked Pulp in Portland, Maine. They closed several years ago and aparently didn’t leave anyone the recipe because I never saw one again! I was too nervous to start dumping peanut butter and honey together and now I have a place to start! Thank you thank you!

      They had another variety that had banana chips, walnuts and (I think) cocoa powder in it. And on that note, I’m headed to the kitchen!

    209. says

      These are addictive!!! I am picky about trying new recipes and tend to making things that I LOVE to eat and that I know others will like as well! My sister made these and shared the recipe with me. They will be a new staple in our house…and at our potlucks. Thanks for sharing!!!

    210. says

      These have become a staple for my fiance and I! We make these all the time because they are SO good, so easy to make and no added sugar…what not to love! I might do just a little bit less honey for less sugar and I usually don’t use the flax seed or coconut and they are PERFECT! Love this recipe so much, thank you for sharing!

    211. Anonymous says

      This. Is. SO. GOOD!! Thank you for sharing. Everyone that I’ve let taste these have loved them. They’re so easy to make and so easily gone… And the best part about them, for me, is that they actually do give me quite a bit of energy. I love it.

    212. Anonymous says

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    213. says

      I have a few questions. But first I have to say this sounds so yummy!! I am really looking forward to making this. As far as the oatmeal goes. Are you using old fashioned oats? Also I saw for substituting the coconut you mentioned you could use granola. Would you still use a cup? One more questions :) You also mentioned you could add raisins or goji berries. How much would you add? Sorry to bombard you with all the questions. I am super stoked to try this! I know the fam with love it. My husband is eagerly awaiting these! :)

    214. Anonymous says

      I subbed chia seeds for the flaxseed and almond butter for the peanut butter. It was fantastic, and the chia seeds gave it a little extra crunch!

    215. Helen says

      Found this on Pintrest in Money Saving Mom. THANK YOU they are soo good. The second batch I used Maple flavoring and loved it. They are addicting, have some in frige now.

    216. Anonymous says

      I’m not sure if anyone figured this out yet and posted it. But, each “ball” is about 2 weightwatchers points.

    217. Anonymous says

      We use fresh ground peanut butter and cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips. Plus unsweetened coconut. They taste AWESOME and are even healthier. They don’t last more than a day in our house!

    218. Anonymous says

      i’m interested to know how people are cutting them into squares or “bars”…. I’ve been making these for about 2 mths, but I too am getting tired of rolling all the balls- especially bc sometimes the balls don’t form well. Do you just put them in a casserole dish and put in the fridge to chill? Do they cut well? I’m interested in an easier way, although I do love biting into the ball.


    219. Anonymous says

      Hey fellow energy seekers! has anyone ever tried to use apple cinnamon oatmeal, sure sounds tasty to me! I’m sure curious to hear about your experiences with this!!! :-)

    220. says

      Made these last night with Sunbutter and raisins instead of coconut (the raisins were because my coconut had expired and I had already gone to the grocery store twice and didn’t want to go again!). One helpful tip was to have a little water on your hands to help form the mixture into the balls. I did some tasting during the process and I can’t wait to eat these as a snack this week! Thanks for a great recipe!

    221. says

      Wow – these are seriously good. I didn’t change a thing, but used the ground flaxseed/blueberry blend they sell at trader joe’s. They barely made it in the fridge to chill! Just as addictive as cookie dough. Thanks for sharing your awesome recipe.

    222. Anonymous says

      Loved the way this came out! Instead of the 1/2 cup chocolate chips, I used 1/4 cup chocolate chips and 1/4 cup cranberries. Had a bit of trouble getting it to stick, so I may add a little honey during the rolling process next time. Does anybody know what purpose the flax seed serves? I wasn’t sure how I could substitute it, so I ended up going to the store to pick some up.

    223. Anonymous says

      These are WONDERFUL!!!! Sooo tempted to just grab the container and hide until they are all gone! Thank you!

    224. Rachel says

      I am also part of the “twice this week” club! I think they may have turned out even better the second time! I don’t have any flax seed on hand and am not a fan of coconut, so the first time I substituted the two for the equivalent amount of Post “Great Grains” Banana Nut Crunch cereal. This cereal is high in fiber and was really good in it! I found it to make it a little dry, so I added a little extra pb & honey (maybe a TBSP each) and a couple TBSP of milk. It was very good, kind of reminded me of a PB&Honey sandwich! The second time around I decided to experiment a little, so I substituted the coconut for a cup of cooked quinoa and the flax for half a cup of crushed rice krispies! It’s chilling in my fridge right now, but I’ve already snuck a few bites!! 😉

    225. Anonymous says

      I’ve made these a few times and love them. The last time I made them I added cinnamon, and they were superb!

    226. Anonymous says

      this looks deli-sh, but is it okay to eat uncooked oatmeal? my daughter wants me to make granola bars & I saw this and is too cute to resist not to make just wonderin’ about the uncooked oats. Thanks

    227. says

      Made these tonight! I only added the crunchy pb, honey, oatmeal and cacao chips (next time I’ll add the flaxseed). I used my small cookie dough baller and it made 32 balls. So…that’s 3 WW pts each! Now if I could only stop eating them 😉 Thanks Maggie!

    228. Anonymous says

      I’m looking for a crunchier version of this…how do you think these would turn out if you baked them and how long/what temp would you do them at?

    229. says

      There are amazing! I have made the recipe multiple times and tweak it a little bit each time depending on what ingredients I have. My sweetest set was when I used 3/4C of oatmeal and 1/4C of flax seed with 1/2C of cocoa powder and 1/2C of chocolate chips. I kept the other ingredients PB, vanilla, coconut, and honey) the same but I also added in some cinnamon which added to the flavor!

    230. says

      This is a fantastic pregnancy/nursing snack! I used 1/4 c. agave nectar and wasn’t able to form into balls (pretty crumbly). I’ll try again with 1/3 c. Avoiding honey until DD is 2. I should put the bowl away so there’s some left for hubby…

    231. Anonymous says

      These were fantastic! The second time around I actually ran out of almond butter (I had 1/4 cup) and substituted the other 1/4 cup with nutella…took it to a whole different level. AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

    232. Anonymous says

      Love this recipe, so many ways to go with it. also adapted it to include chopped almonds, no coconut, less honey, more peanut butter, less flaxseed. can add 1/4 cup chopped raisins or other dried fruit.

      1 cup oatmeal
      3/4 cup peanut butter
      1/4 cup raw honey
      1/4 cup almonds, chopped
      1 1/2 tbsp. ground flaxseed
      1 tsp. vanilla

    233. Anonymous says

      Just made a double batch of these with raisins in place of coconut, and added 1/4 cup sunflower seeds. Went to Winco and made peanut butter in the bulk foods area, and got honey from there too. Used both in recipe. Will be taking these in the morning to preschool for snack. Hope they all like them! I do!!!

    234. Katie S. says

      This is a great recipe that is so easy to substitute ingredients. Currently I’m staying away from all sugars. Here is what I had on hand to use:

      -a little more than a cup of GF oats
      -approx 1/2 cup roasted almond butter (unsalted)
      -1/2 cup golden flax meal
      -1 cup finely shredded unsweetened coconut
      -1/2 cup apple butter (apples, apple cider, spices…no sugar)
      -a splash or so of vanilla
      -2 pinches of salt
      -a handful or so of chopped freeze-dried cranberries

      This is currently chilling in the fridge….couldn’t resist eating spoonfuls from the bowl. So yummy, thanks!

    235. Joe Cline says

      I would not use Nutella in anything as it is mostly sugar! (First ingredient!)
      These are great just using the primary recipe! :)

    236. Jamie says

      My four boys love these, as do I. They will eat the entire batch in one snack. Tonight I sub’d maple syrup for the honey (b/c I have a 13 month old who may snack on them) and wheat germ for the flax seed (b/c I didn’t have any). Still very tasty. I love maple syrup paired with chocolate chips in snacks like this (or as the sweetener in chocolate pudding).

    237. Marilyn Guthrie says

      Just want to know how many calories, and how many carbs, and how many cholesterol? Because looks very yummy and I’m also Diabetic.

      • says

        Hi Marilyn!
        I’m sorry but I don’t have any of that information for this recipe. I believe you can input the recipe into an online recipe calculator and it will figure out that information for you.
        Have a great night!

    238. Kylee Campbell-Rupe says

      Nutrition Facts? These sound good but I have to keep my protein levels up and my carb/sugar levels down. They might be good as an occasional treat, but I would need to see the nutrition facts to know for sure :)

    239. Liz says

      These are y-u-m-m-y! I make mine without coconut and add in brewers yeast. They are great for a nursing momma!!!

    240. says

      These were amazing! I love how you can add anything you want to suit your needs and lifestyle. I have so many future mix-in ideas, I am already excited to make them again! Thanks!

    241. Christina says

      These were so, so dry for me!! Maybe it was the type of peanut butter I used…I used the fresh ground peanut butter from Fresh Market. I had to add another 1/2 cup of peanut butter, 1/4 cup coconut oil, and then 1/2 cup Justin’s Almond Butter just to get them to stick together a little bit.

    242. Kelly Foster says

      I got your recipe years ago and it’s still one of my kid’s favs! I did tweak it for personal taste. I usually use 1/2 pb and 1/2 almond butter (pb can be an overwhelming taste for me) and it does turn out a little dry. I just add a little bit of water – just sprinkle it in as I go. It also helps to keep the “dough” from sticking to my hands. I also use no sugar added coconut flakes (also a really dry ingredient). Recently, I tried using Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter – OMG heaven (well, 1/2 pb and 1/2 TJ’s Cookie Butter). These are great for after school snacks, home-made lunch dessert, traveling snacks…. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks!

    243. Lisa says

      I got this recipe from a friend over 2 years ago and it has remained a family (& friend) favorite. Just recently I brought them to a teachers luncheon and the mom in charge asked me for my “power balls” recipe. :) Below are some of the tweaks we make. I don’t think we ever make them the same twice…that is another reason your main recipe rocks! Thanks!
      Our changes for the teacher luncheon were:
      Jessica’s granola (chocolate) instead of the oatmeal…although I think the oatmeal sticks together better so maybe 1/2 & 1/2. Almond butter instead of peanut butter (I’ve read PB is inflammatory in nature esp. to people who have arthritis). We have made them with cashew butter and that was super yummy.
      You can add lots of super foods like flax or chia seeds for an extra added bonus of dense nutrition!

    244. Peggy says

      Instead of rolling into balls, firm mixture into non-stick mini muffin pan with mini muffin liners or place mini muffin pans in freezer. Once hard you can pop them out with edge of a flat knife.

    245. Elizabeth says

      I just made these with PB2 (powdered PB) to get a lower calorie snack. Worked out perfectly! According to MyNetDiary app these are the nutrition facts.
      10 servings
      153 cal
      6.5 g fat
      21g carb
      5.2g protein

      10 Tbsp PB2 plus enough water to make it peanut butter consistency (it worked out to 1/2 cup once you add the water)
      1 cup oats
      1/2 cup flax
      1/2 cup coconut
      1/4 cup honey
      1/4 cup chocolate chips.

    246. Susan says

      Does it matter on the oatmeal, such at quick cooking versus regular since they are not going to be cooked but eaten raw? Sorry didn’t have time to read the thousand and one comments.

    247. Juli says

      I made a triple batch of the original recipe and they lasted only 2 days my teenage sons gobbled them up. Today’s batch I tried to cut the calories a bit I substituted a peanut spread and carob morsels also used agave only 2tbsp instead of honey for low glycemic.
      Serving size 2 one inch balls roughly is
      114 cal.
      3.5 gram of fat
      15 g carb
      6 g sugar
      3g protein
      1.5 g fiber
      Still taste great, thanks for recipe
      Happy New year!

    248. says

      These Energy Balls have become a wonderful addition to my kids’ lunches during the week. I love how adaptable this recipe can be. I have shared an adapted recipe on my school’s blog with a link to this page. Thank you for sharing with us.

      • says

        Hi Kavita!
        You can use any butter type product…coconut butter, cookie butter, almond or soy butter. You just want something with a similar consistency!

    249. Sarah says

      I love these and have been enjoying them since I found them on Pinterest a few years ago. They are great lactation “cookies” for us nursing mamas too!

    250. says

      Hi there Maggie!

      Let me start by saying how stunning you are and then good job on blog design.
      I made a version of your energy bites during the week and I am going to link back to your blog. I hope that’s ok 😉

      Keep sending those healthy recipes.


    251. Mickie says

      They sure sound easy and healthy “enough”!
      My daughter eats lunch at 1020am at school so they have an afternoon snack. If these get warm, I’m wondering if they are going to start falling apart and getting sticky. ???


    1. […] Snacks *Almonds – I love Blue Diamond Lightly Salted Almonds. 85 calories for 14 almonds. At the beginning of my diet, I remember thinking this didn’t nearly fill me up. But give it a little time…they’re full of protein and good fat, and if you stop eating at a whatever you’ve designated as a serving (half or a whole serving or whatever you have room for in your calorie count), it will take the edge off your hunger. *Popcorn. My favorites are Skinnypop (huge bag at Sam’s Club is $5), Popcorn, Indiana’s Fit Olive Oil (I tried the real butter flavor, and didn’t like it. The Olive Oil one I bought it at Walmart), or Boom Chicka Pop’s Sea Salt. All of them have 35-39 calories/cup, and all are all-natural. When you want to eat a lot of something, these kinds of popcorn are a good choice. Look, too, for Kernel Season’s flavorings! *Light cottage cheese – 1/2 cup *Apple slices and a Tbl of peanut butter *Broccoli, celery or carrots and a Tbl of dip (many dips are around 35 cal/Tbl) or hummus *Greek yogurt. My favorite is vanilla Dannon Oikos because it’s not as tart as many. A whole container is 120 calories (I often eat a half a container with some granola). *String cheese *Clementines (around 40 calories) *PopChips *Veggie Straws and hummus *Berries *Steamed or roasted vegetables *Triscuit crackers *Pecans with dried cherries *Sunflower seeds *Reduced-sugar craisins *Hard-boiled eggs *Cinnamon roasted almonds *Breakfast-on-the-go Mix *Protein bars (check carefully for calories and sugar, though!) *unsweetened applesauce *Babybel Mini Light (50 cal) *Pomegranate seeds (50 cal for half of a fruit) *Sugar snap pea pods (1 cup = approx 40 calories) *Dark Chocolate Pretzel Crisps (130 calories for 5; great as a dessert!) *Pepita seeds *No-Bake Energy Bites […]

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